Saturday, 23 May 2009

107th MAO

this picture below does not relate to anything i'm going to write here today. hehe.

don't ask who me who she is, i can't won't answer your question. :D

aight! welcome to Sarawak Golf Club or commonly known as KGS (Kelab Golf Sarawak).
well what am i doing here? it's been more than a year since i last hit a golf ball.

there's a lot of improvement in this course especially the landscapes, they are way more beautiful compared to when i last played here many years back.

it's the 107th Malaysian Amateur Open Golf Tournament, but what's so special about this event that i want to write about it? I went to Sarawak Open Golf Tournament at Damai GCC last month but i didn't blog it, did i?

There's an interesting fact that you should know about, after all these years this tournament was held for 106 times, and they decided to held it for the first time ever in Sarawak this year, the 107th.

this is my brother, Izzul.

He missed cut again in this tourney and didn't make it for the final day.

this is Kalana Ibrahim, currently ranked no. 1 in Borneo.

He claims that his picture above was taken at Korea (showed it to his friends and they believe him). hahaha. By the way, he's currently at 2nd place in the tourney.

And this golfer is from Thailand. Couldn't remember what was his name, too weird to be remembered, you know la Thai's name. hehe. Currently leading the tourney after 2 days with a score of 7 under par.

And this is his one and only bad shot of the day (maybe in the whole tourney), and i managed to shoot it! It's priceless! hehe. okay, eventhough he missed the green after this particular shot, but still, he managed to get a par. damn he's good.

okay, now look at what we have here. wanna know who took the picture that goes on the front cover? hehe. :D It's not the best shot but I'm so proud of myself right now! and you can find this at every golf club in Sarawak.

and again, this picture below does not relate to anything that i had written here today. LOL!

"mok senyum sik? mok senyum sik oh? mok senyum ka mok mintak no tepon? aaahhhhh!"

Thursday, 21 May 2009

Jom Berambeh!

Jom Berambeh bersama PNB. sorilah PNB, aku singgah jak. sikpat nak berambeh. heahea!

semadi senggaut. mun sik tek mok juak aku join conteng muka ngan nya tok.

i can't see u, and u can't see me. so u can't take me picture.

Friday, 15 May 2009


pagi tadi, sedang aku lena dibuai mimpi indah, tidurku terganggu oleh bunyi bising. lalu sik sempat ku mok mintak no tepon ompuan lam mimpi ku ya, frust eh!

sikda keja kali sidak tok...boleh sik merusuh petang sikit? menganggu ketenteraman awam jak. aku pun sik tauk apa punca rusuhan tok. lupak mok embak microfon pake interview sidak nya.

sik lamak pasya datang sidak polis rusuhan untuk mententeramkan keadaan. nasib bait aku ada pake gas mask [8 att, 20 def] dibeli dari godfather kat mafia wars ari ya, mun sik, sik tauk la apa jadi ngan aku, mungkin dah masuk newspaper.

sidak PORU tok pun datang dengan bergaya, siap ada explosion ala2 WWE Raw Is War lam astro ya.

lebih kurang setengah jam la pertempuran berlaku, sik sempat ambik gambar sebab terlalu dahsyat. (tipu)

abang poru tok suka kenak ambik gambar, mok engkah lam frenster ke bang?

tamat dah persembahan Unit PORU ya tek sempena majlis penutupan latihan sidak nya. shield dan senapang untuk dilelong. sapa2 berminat sila contact aku k..heheh!

Wednesday, 13 May 2009

Anak Itik Tok Wi

anak itik Tok Wi mandi dalam kolam

buat ape Tok Wi? ubat limau lelam

sakit ape Tok Wi? sakit sendi tulang

ubat ape Tok Wi? ubat sengal tulang

Bangau oh Bangau, kenape engkau kurus?
aku pun nak kurus macam engkau jugak!

Sunday, 3 May 2009

KCH Street Musicians

last night while walking at kch waterfront, i met a few street performers and luckily this time, i brought my camera around with me (now you know why i hardly update this blog eh?)
at first i thought the sound was coming from a radio, because the music was quite loud. when i came closer, and i saw people taking pictures, then i knew that what i thought was wrong.
it's actually a live music. the guy actually plugged his 'Sape' to a radio speaker which explained why it sounds like a radio, because literally, it is coming from a radio! LOL! and yeah i saw that type of semi-acoustic 'Sape' before, it's not my first time. but still, it amazes me! and this guy is really good!

after finished watching the cool Sape busker guy, i saw a 4-piece-band playing acoustic nearby, and there are more crowds watching them. they threw a great performance, playing various kind of music, and knew exactly how to attract the crowds.

but personally if u ask me, i prefer the Sape guy, because it's not everyday u can enjoy that type of music, live! it's rare, and i love rare stuff. hehe :p

this is not rare stuff but...........hehe :grins:

i can still hear the music playing in my head like radiohead.