Saturday, 31 January 2009

trip to Miri

i went back to Miri with Mike and Apis to send my stepbrother, Am.
on the way, we witnessed one of Allah's greatest phenomenon, the Solar Eclipse.


it was about 5.10 p.m that we stopped somewhere 40km before Sri Aman, after we found a clear view spot to shoot the eclipse. we were so excited!

'Sri Aman had the widest coverage of this eclipse than any other place in Malaysia'

that was the last of the eclipse that we manage to shoot before it was covered by clouds and started to rain. so, we continue our journey.

we stopped a while after Lanang Bridge at Sibu to shoot some fireworks.

'chasing fireworks from Kch to Sibu eh???'

Sibu town was hit by flood at the night we arrived. the traffic was going slow, our stomach is very 'angry' and we took more than 20 minutes to reach center of Sibu town and straight to Taman Harmoni to have our dinner.

at 11 p.m. we drove off from Sibu, and we were completely unaware of how bad the road is between Selangau and Bintulu. with heavy rain and holes everywhere on the road, we drove about 50-70km/h and it took us about 4 hours to reach Bintulu.

'gembira setelah berjaya mem'panchet'kan satu tayar, dan membengkokkan 4 rim'

Monday, 26 January 2009

"Happy CNY" - a message from China Ambassador.

Gong Xi Fa Chai!

'let's make peace, no war, ok? we're sahabat already liao!'

'is this a good pitcherrr? is this a good pitcherrr??'

'a famous boy band from China'

now let's catch some fireworks!

this is the worst not so best pic of fireworks that we shot tonight. hihih

abandoned house toilet

we found an 'abandoned toilet' somewhere in KCH.
it's so cool that we decided to shoot there and ignoring the 'i shoot trespassers' warning sign by Kementerian Pertahanan. heheh


seperti biasa, mike satu-satunya model yang sentiasa available.

encik dos, mencari sesuatu yang tiada.

camwhoring at makan hol.

i keep trying to take a manumode pic, but phailed!

"apis, am, mike, napi"

menunggu masa untuk makan...yala muka semua semacam jak.

nenek tok bila ditanyak berapa umur nya...jawapannya ialah 48.

anak buah aku, Nurul (14 thn). Mike padah nya dah 'reserved'.

anak buah ku juak, Sofea (sik ingat spelling), dgn kawannya. (rugi eh jadi uncle!)

pic taken by Nurul.

i'm not as evil as nikon.

Saturday, 24 January 2009


looking for fresh new start :D