Tuesday, 17 February 2009

MMC is official.

this morning, we woke up as early as 9a.m.
for mike, he woke up earlier, at 8 a.m because today is his 'Hari Ini Dalam Sejarah'.

ada gaya pengantin sik? hehe

around 11 a.m. we arrived at Majlis Islam and went straight to level 4 to 'Bilik Akad Nikah Pengislaman'

no, ur not at the wrong place Mr. MMC

sampai sahaja di bilik tersebut, my father is already waiting, dan Mike pulak diberi sekeping kertas ujian.

MMC: ala...test aku lagi susah kalau camni..kacang panggang betul..

dengan ke'genius'an beliau...dalam masa 5 minit dah settle.

sedang menunggu result...

alhamdulillah...sudah lulus dengan warna berterbangan...yesss!

with, Godfather, Godmother and Godcousin...

MMC is now officially a Muslim yo!

*p/s: kertas hijau di atas bukanlah kertas ujian. Ia merupakan sekeping borang. don't get confused okay?

**MMC = Muhammad Mikhail Clair

***tauk ada aku sikda dalam gambar...sighs...

Thursday, 12 February 2009

L - test drive

i went to see Apen Unisys to check out his newest toy @ meriam.

Canon 70-200mm f2.8 L USM, it's twice the price of my camera and weighs 1.5kg

and when i use it with my camera...

it made my camera looks like a rear lens cap, don't u think?
and since the moon was so bright that night...u know la what happened next...hehe

should be better than my shots with kitlens at previous post. click! click! click!

of course la betterrrrrrrrr than my kitlens kan?? eh..i think there's something wrong with the moon...hmmm

oh ya...i forgot to turn on the moonlight laa!! hahaha
what? too small? cannot zoom ha??

close enough??? :D

Tuesday, 10 February 2009

Gerhana Bulan Penumbra

according to NASA and time and date.com, last night (9th Feb 2009) from 8.39p.m till 12.39 midnight occured a Penumbral Lunar Eclipse and it's visible within our East Asian region. (thanks to Dian for the info)
the fact that it will be the deepest penumbral eclipse in year 2009 with magnitude of 0.899 (what do i care what that means???) therefore i went outside around 10.30pm last night, the estimated time when the eclipse reaches it's peak.

can i see the dusky shading at half of the moon? to be honest, i'm not sure what i saw...but it was a great view last night with clear skies.

me, hafiz, his cousin DD and her mom, usu maytha (confused now eh? hehe)were all 'lepak'ing and watching the moon sambil makan kuaci...so layannnn!!

for a clearer view i steal a picture from Hafiz's camera...because my lens is not so tele la..only 55mm max...kitlens only maaa..hehe

after an hour lying on the ground watching the beautiful moon..i started doing few stunts...

looks like i almost land my two feet on the moon...and then try to do a bit bokeh...

before i start to do some more weird pics and shoot my other body parts instead of my legs...i better stop and pack everything since it was already 12midnight (no, i dont turn into a werewolf)....
and back i went inside to do more research and googling of what a penumbra lunar eclipse looks like exactly? but still up to now i don't get a clear idea of how it should look like..hmmmmm...or maybe i'm just dumb...

Thursday, 5 February 2009


are you hungry? bored? curious? confused? out of your mind? in love? angry? handsome?

okay, ignore the last 5 questions, i'm sure Mirians noticed the questions in 'banting' ads somewhere along the roads around Miri City.

Laksa Sarawak at Chef's could be better if they serve it less oily, but their hot Milo is very rich. slurrppss! aahhhh!! :D

Marry Bread @ Roti Kawen (i forgot what Chef's named it)

i must say that i like the ambience inside Chef's, something fresh that i think what most Mirians need, a good place to sit back and enjoy the time with friends and family.
i think i might come back to Chef's and try other cuisines. (plus, there's a cute waitress too...hihihi :D)
sorry that i didn't take photos of Chef's, but i did manage to go to the kitchen and i saw...

look who's cooking

to become a great chef, one must learn to cook before he learns to talk. peace!

p/s: Abbas is Hafiz's cousin and not a chef at Chef's

Tuesday, 3 February 2009

Landslide at Kpg Lereng Bukit, Miri.

this happened last Friday, 30th January 2009.
8 houses were involved.